About 2020 EYES. How you see your world.

You have a unique vision of your world.
You express yourself in all you do.
You express yourself in the eyewear you choose.
2020 EYES means finding eyewear that reflects your unique view of the world.
2020 EYES means seeing all the beautiful things in your world as clearly as possible.

At 2020 EYES you’ll find eyewear that reflects your unique sense of style and design.
Your professional optician, Ron Kehoe, MRDO, opened 2020 EYES over twenty years ago with the goal of providing each client with a superb level of service and a selection of the most unique and desirable designer eyewear available anywhere.

The 2020 Euro Lens Bath is our proprietary cleaning system, developed to preserve and maintain your fine eyewear and delicate coatings for years to come.
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2020 EYES.  How you see your world.