Five Tips for Selecting Glasses Frames

1. Look for colors that flatter your eyes, hair and skin. “You can’t change the color of your eyes”, says Ron Kehoe, registered dispensing optician and owner of Sacramento’s 2020 EYES. “That’s why it’s one of the major considerations when picking frames.”

2. If the whites of your eyes tend to be yellow or red, stay away from warm tones.

3. Evaluate your facial structure. Glasses accentuate the shape of your face. “If you have a round face, round glasses will make it [look] rounder,” says Kehoe.

4. Consider your wardrobe’s dominant colors. “Certain colors complement each other and will look great. Others clash”, says Kehoe. “Glasses are a major part of your wardrobe.”

5. Glasses have specific functions, whether for working, playing reading, driving, or being in the sun or water. “The way you’re using the glasses determines the coating, the lens and the frame,” explains Kehoe. “Polarized lenses are for sun, for instance. Or you may want progressive [lenses] instead of bifocals.”

—Dell Richards (Reprinted)