Everyone Is Commenting.

Hi Ron,

I just love my glasses and everyone is commenting on them.

Can’t wait to get my sunglasses! Thank you so much!!!!!!


From a most grateful customer.

Hey Ron,
I know that I’m not starting out as your easiest or most profitable new customer… But I really am a most grateful one! And I will prove most loyal over time! I really appreciate your patience, understanding and willingness to accommodate my craziness as I navigate my way into accepting my need for full-time glasses. I’m going to love this new frame.

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help! ~ RACHEL SILBER

A perfectionist and it shows in his work.

Another change in my prescription and another fabulous set of lenses and frame.

I’ve never had a better pair of glasses made for me. The style is fun and, more importantly, the progressive lenses are so clear and so right on I never have to adjust my head up or down to get the best vision.

Ron is a perfectionist and it shows in his work.  Go there, you won’t be disappointed.

—Joanie Mather


Generous Time and Attention


Dear Ron –

I want anyone and everyone to know what an outstanding

professional you are!


I came to you for my second pair of glasses because of

the fantastic service you provided for me several years ago.

Although I like my optometrist, I just did not like his selection of frames.

I searched many, many places but no one gave me the time and attention that

you did to make sure I got exactly what I wanted (and at a reasonable



I received the most comfortable pair of glasses that I ever had and that I

could see with perfectly. So naturally when I lost my reading glasses, I was

happy to return for my second pair. And for you to accommodate my schedule

due to my family emergency was so appreciated!


You really listened to what I wanted and my concerns, and please feel free

to use me as a reference as a most happy and satisfied client!

Thanks again, Ron!


Stacie Hiramoto, MSW



“Can I use 2020 Euro Lens Bath on my Oakleys?”


Dear 2020 Euro Lens Bath,
Greetings. I’ve been using 2020 Euro Lens Bath on my eye glasses for about 2 months now. It’s the best thing I’ve found so far. It does a very nice job of cleaning glasses, and I like the fact that my nose pads get cleaned at the same time.
My question is about my Oakley sunglasses. Will your product SAFELY clean them without any residual affect?

Dear Charles,
It’s completely safe to use 2020 Euro Lens Bath with your Oakley sunglasses. Our Lens Bath is specially formulated to protect both the lenses and coatings on all sunglasses and prescription glasses.  Simply place your sunglasses into the washer and shake gently—it shouldn’t take much. Then dry them with the micro fiber cloth using a very light touch. It really is the superior eyewear cleaning solution.
2020 Euro Lens Bath


Once a Customer, Always a Customer.

“You can expect to receive my new prescription soon.
I’ll be sending it to you all the way from my new home in Iowa.
As always, thanks again for all your expert help.”

Tom Rice, Coralville, Iowa

Most Complete Eye Exam Ever.

Hi Ron –

Thank you for the great recommendation of Optometrist Brian Tracy.

The examine was by far the most thorough I’ve been though, and I’ve been going to expert opthomologists all my life. I can’t wait to get my new prescription!

Jay Miller

I can see perfectly in the snow. Great ski glasses!

Hi Ron:

Yesterday I went skiing. I wore the Trailblazer ski glasses that you made for me (yellow and dark) They are perfect! I did not have any visibility problems while skiing. Using goggles was never even close.

Thank you so much! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Adam Birek

Kudos to shop and staff!

To: Ron Kehoe
Thanks for all the help! You & Ivan are quite cool and your expertise is much appreciated!!!

Tom Fay

Eat your heart out Sofia Loren!!!!

Ron, Glasses look great, love the tint !!!!
Eat your heart out Sofia Loren!!!!

Thanks Kim