Why should you shop 2O2O eyes? What is 2O2O eyes? It’s an experience. Personalized service.  It’s not your regular eyeglass shop.
Starting with the frame selection. We are constantly in search of unique and cutting edge frames manufactures. We sell a limited amount of each style to keep the uniqueness about it. You won’t find your glasses on every other person out there. We pay close attention to the quality of the frames. Only high quality frames are here at 2O2O eyes. Ron Kehoe, MRDO (Mastered Registered Dispensing Optician) with 29 years of experience and Alex Kochkin, RDO (Registered Dispensing Optician) with experience of 9 years will help you find just what you need. We modify and completely customize most of the frames we sell (of which we will talk more in the near future) for the perfect fit and best vision you can have.  
Fitting the finished glasses is the final stage and one of the most important but often underestimated parts of great vision. It’s not only about the comfort, which is obviously important, but most important ability to see. If glasses are not adjusted and fitted correctly the vision could be completely off.
Glasses are not only fashionable accessories. They offer protection & vision. Vision is what we pride ourselves in here at 2O2O eyes. It’s not just plugging in the numbers provided by Doctors, but understanding each client’s needs: the purpose of particular eyewear, occupation and physiology. We carefully study each client while working with them to determine what lens design, material and setting to use. With years of experience we have perfected all the little nuances.