“Framing your face” It seems to be pretty easy, but there are a lot of aspects involved.
-Fashion. Most people know the trend. We all watch TV, YouTube, magazines etc. but not everything you see will fit you. Not every haircut will work for you, and a good hair dresser will suggest something different than you may have imagined, something that will work for you. Same thing with eyewear: not every frame will fit one face. We will honestly suggest what would look good and what might not work for you. There are several things to pay attention to: Size, Color, Style and appearance. You can trust Ron or Alex with selection of frames. We will never sell something that does not look good because you will be walking out from 2O2O with our “business card” on your face. We listen very carefully to the request of each client in terms of a style and the color they are looking for. We recommend what might be a better choice and we will push you slightly out of your comfort zone if we see a place for a new experience.
-Optics. Besides fashionable statement, glasses are meant to give you great vision. That’s where professional opinion is imperative. Based on given prescription some frames may not work as well than the others. Size of the lenses horizontally and vertically plays a big roll, curvature of the frame, type of frames (plastic, metal full rim, metal half-rim or rimless) all these factors are very important. Also your physical build, placing optical centers of the lenses according to that is also a key factor. We also take into consideration your occupation. Depending on what you do for living we will adjust the prescription and the way glasses are built to accommodate your specific needs. There are different lens designs as well that we will determine for you to fit your lifestyle.  That’s where the expertise of Ron Kehoe and Alex Kochkin will help you to get the best vision you have ever had.
-Customizing. We do a lot of alterations to the lenses and frames. Completely customizing most jobs for better esthetics, comfort and most important best vision. At 2O2O eyes you will get the glasses that will work and fit specifically for you. We do a lot of alterations to the frames to fit better, to look better and to get the best optics possible.
We don’t want you to have just ok vision, we strive to get the best vision you can possibly have with the unique appearance you deserve.