What is the main purpose of the glasses? – Ability to see your world
-Rx. We analyze client’s Rx history very carefully. Either it’s our old client and we have the history in our data base or if it’s a new client we always try to obtain previous prescriptions from the doctor(s). Reviewing the changes and questioning them is one of the keys to successful vision. Nobody’s perfect, and doctors and their staff are also people who can make mistakes. With given history we can recognize if something was left out or if something needs to be altered for better results. We’ve had many instances when prisms were left out from Rx or “add power” given is insufficient or too strong for the application, or negative sign was switched to positive by a simple mistake or typo.
-Lenses. Since we don’t affiliate with any insurance we are free to choose which lenses we sell. Before selling any product we test it ourselves. We only sell superior quality lenses, materials and coatings. We also work with some of the most advanced labs in US and refuse to sell any product that we don’t believe in.
-Personalization. We approach every job individually. In order to make perfect pair of glasses for specific need, we look into many factors that could affect the final outcome. For example: if you are a tall person you look down more than if you are a shorter individual who looks straight forward. The placement of your eyes in the skull, your posture and/or possible injuries that affect your head movement horizontally or vertically also comes into consideration how to approach your need. How far do you normally hold your reading material? What do you do for living? What is the purpose of the specific eyewear? Is it for office or golf or fishing etc.? Based on all of these factors we at 2O2O eyes determine exactly how we place the lenses, what design of the lenses we select and what need to be possibly altered in Rx. given by doctor.
-Fitting. Personalized and custom fit is one of the most important aspects of perfect vision. We make sure your glasses are fitted perfectly with correct angle to your face and distance from your eyes and perfectly levelled as all of these factors contribute to the end goal – perfect vision.
2O2O eyes is not about okay or good enough, we strive for perfection and excellence.